Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is now the most popular CMS(Content Management System) in the world. According to data from the WordPress website 25% of the all website in the world is using WordPress CMS. When that many websites run on same platform, there is a risk of possible security breach due to some exploits or bugs in  the CMS or in the web server. So, you must be prepared for all possible catastrophe. So, always follow the best practices.

1. Get a good web hosting

The first thing you need to do is, choosing a good web host provider. When selecting web host avoid providers who don’t have properly updated web server. Select a provider with regular updates of software , provide great supports, keep backup of your data and most importantly have a great track record.

2. Always keep the core updated

WordPress frequently provides with important security updates and bug fixes. This updates keep you safe from known security issues and bugs in WordPress itself. Not updating the WordPress will make your site unsecured and buggy. To help you in this, WordPress have a option to keep Auto-Update on. Thus, WordPress will automatically update itself when a security update is available.

3. Use up-to-date plugin and themes

When choosing for a plugin or theme, make sure they provide regular updates. Avoid plugin or theme which is not updated for 1 year or more. Just like the core, you must use updated version of the plugin or themes to make your websites safe.

4. Use Plugins/Themes from trusted provider

You should always plugin from trusted developer to make sure they don’t contains malware. Providers Like, official directory,, woothemes and other reputed marketplace make sure the quality of the product they deliver. You should read the review of previous users before deciding to use.

5. Use Backup and Security Plugin in WordPress

WordPress have some pretty backup and security plugin available. Make sure you are using one of them. If possible use offsite backup, limit login attempt and configure notification on file updates or modification.

6. subscribe to a monthly maintenance package

Many company provides monthly maintenance package for very little cost. If you don’t have lots of technical knowledge or are not willing to spend a long time maintaining your website, you should have subscribe to such services. They will take care of all aspects of this.

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