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Bangladesh TV channels live streaming for Internet users


Bangladesh TV channels live streaming

Here you can enjoy Bangladesh TV channels live streaming. Since many days ago it’s hard to enjoy live Bangladesh TV channel’s live streaming. It is because of lackings technical resource for Bangladesh TV channels authorities. So that we can’t enjoy it through internet though we can enjoy international tv channel’s live streaming on internet. There are few Bangladeshi TV channels which are well equipped and have lots of technical skilled people to broadcast their tv channels through internet.

I have also searched lots of times in internet to enjoy live streaming throughout internet.

List of Bangladeshi TV channels 
  •  Channel I
  • NTV
  • Ekushey Television
  • Channel 71
  • Desh TV
  • ATN Bangla
  • ATN News
  • Channel 24
  • Channel 9
  • Boishakhi TV
  • Islami TV
  • Gazi TV
  • Machranga TV
  • BTV
  • BTV World
  • Independent Television
  • My TV
  • Bangla Vision

To see Bangladeshi TV channels online I didn’t get any solutions yet!! but I am trying and I hope I can be able to give you this kinds of unique helps. Day by day there are more and more TV channels are coming. Personally I hope Bangladeshi media is being focused through these tv channels. Most of the Bangladeshi tv channels are shutting down because of relation with political leaders of opposite party. Recently few tv channels in Bangladesh are telecasting great great programs like talent hunt, khude gaanraaj, close up 1.


Upcoming HOT Events Bangladesh Idol will be telecasted in SA TV Bangladesh. It will be the upcoming hot tv programs for Bangladeshi people. I hope somehow someone will live telecast this Bangladesh Idol program through internet so that we can be able to enjoy this popular tv show. Also ATN News channel is the first 24 news channel in Bangladesh. Somoy TV is also telecasting good news. To enjoy live streaming of Bangladeshi TV channel bookmark this website and I will show you the system to enjoy Bangladeshi TV channel’s live streaming through internet.

How to start writing Bangla by using Bijoy 2003 Software

Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software (PIC-1)

It’s very easy to type Bengali font in your computer’s word processing program like Microsoft Word etc..

Please follow the following steps to write in Bengali by using Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software:

1. Install Bijoy 2003 software, you can use any older or newer version in your PC.

2. In your PC’s right down corner you will see according to PIC-2.
Bijoy 2003 Icon (PIC-2)
3. And then open your MS Word and press ctrl+alt+B and then this red circle icon will be changed. And then from the menu of MS Word change the font and select any bangla font like sutonny, etc….

And start writing according to the following image.
If you face any kinds of problem please leave comments and I will make that clear.

Adobe Illustrator vs Adobe Indesign


When we are talk about any contents which will be used to print, it have to be high quality otherwise we can not get better qualities after printing. A good content can make a good attention of people and it helps to increase the number of audiens. It’s works as a good advertisement for any kind of business. But you have to make sure that your contents are included 100% effective information.

Print media designer always start with Adobe Photoshop at starting time. But it’s only for beginner cause for the extreme level output, you have learn about Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. So now we are going which is the, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign.

In the war of Illustrator and Indesign, they are complementary application to one another. That means at time of work have to use your knowledge about both application. Because by using only one application, you can not get a successfull better output. So before starting indesign, learn about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator use mainly use for basic graphics field. By using Illustrator you can make any contents and those contents can be used any type of purpose because any contents made by Illustrator, you can give any size and it will not lost it’s quality. That is the best advantage of illustrator.

But remember using both of them are the better solution. there have no doubt about that two can give the best output more that one.When you staring with work with Indesign, it will be clear for you.

Basic principle of Logo Design


Logo designing is a creative subject to do. If you are a creative geek you can apply your creativeness at logo designing. To be a good logo designer, I think you just need to look at various types of logo and just think how you can play with them, then just play with it, That’s it.

An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. So maintain simplicity is another definition of creativeness.

To design a logo you must follow the basic principles of logo design:

  • Logo must be simple: A simple logo design allows for easy recognition. Effective logos feature something unexpected or unique without being complex.
  • Logo must be memorable: An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple yet appropriate logo.
  • Logo must be enduring:The logo should still be effective in 10, 20, 50+ years time
  • Logo must be versatile: An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications.
  • Logo must be appropriate: How you position the logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose.