How to start writing Bangla by using Bijoy 2003 Software

Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software (PIC-1)

It’s very easy to type Bengali font in your computer’s word processing program like Microsoft Word etc..

Please follow the following steps to write in Bengali by using Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software:

1. Install Bijoy 2003 software, you can use any older or newer version in your PC.

2. In your PC’s right down corner you will see according to PIC-2.
Bijoy 2003 Icon (PIC-2)
3. And then open your MS Word and press ctrl+alt+B and then this red circle icon will be changed. And then from the menu of MS Word change the font and select any bangla font like sutonny, etc….

And start writing according to the following image.
If you face any kinds of problem please leave comments and I will make that clear.