Choosing the right WordPress Plugin

WordPress is now the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world.  It is not a wonder that WordPress is now used for so many purposes other than blogging. So, plugins have become a major part of WordPress now a day. For most of the website projects, you need to find out one or more plugins.

Sometimes, there are so many options available in front us. Here are some tips to find the best plugin for your need-

1. Read the description and documentation

First things you need to do is read the description very well, read the features list, go through the documentation. If available see the screenshots and even better view the demo. Thus, you know whether the plugin will meet your requirements or not.

2. Read the rating and reviews

Rating and reviews are a very good indicator of user experience. Sometimes, bad rating may be for other reason than you actually care for. So, it is always wise to also read the detailed review before ditching the plugin.

3. Compatibility and active installation number

Make sure the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress. Active installation number will show you the number of websites actually using the plugin. It is a better indicator than the downloads counter.

  4. Updates and supports

See when the plugin was last updated and also how frequently the plugin provides updates. If possible go through the changelog to know what kind of updates they actually provide updates. Look at the support portals to know they quality of support they provide.

5. Know the developer

Good plugin developers usually provide better quality plugins. So, take the developers reputation seriously. Reputed developer with many active plugins indicates the higher quality of the plugin code.