Disable Animation (animate.css) on Mobile Device

If you using any css animation library and which creates some problem (appearing scroll bar, bouncing element, etc) on the mobile display. Here I have shared a code snippet to disable animation on a mobile device. Add this codes in your stylesheet to overcome this issue.


Source Tree pull You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists)?

Sometimes we got this error message (Source Tree pull You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists)?) while we are working through GIT. It’s a wired issue and sometimes very dangerous. Here I have shared very short tips to overcome this scenario

Af first tries git commit. If it doesn’t work, you run this command

git merge --abort
git reset --merge

Hope this will help you to solve your problem.

Dream vs Responsibility

Now I’m going to discuss about an important thing that faced almost everyone in our country. First of all if you have a dream job or dream career then you should this otherwise this is just your waste of time I’m saying.

Everyone has a dream job where they wanna make themselves  legend. Okey, let me try to tell you in a simple way. Suppose you wanna be a Creative UI/UX Designer and you have skilled on this field of Graphic Design and you have complete you graduation. So, now you supposed to get a job for earning money. But unfortunately you didn’t get any job that you wanted. Now what should you do now. Cause if you take time, it’s can be the broken of your responsibility. So now what should you do?

Keep calm and join in any kind of job. No, I’m not talking about sacrifice your dream. I’m talking about taking time to fulfill your dream without ignoring any kind of responsibility that you should take. Doing you existed job your can increase your skill and search the opportunity to get the chance that you deserve. Remember one thing, if you are perfect then no-one can protest you to go to your destination.  Do not tell it dream, say it plan cause dream is always dream & it’s impossible to give its visuality but Plan can be make real.
So, from today, study hard, try to implement your brain with full of energy and make yourself the legend what you wanna see yourself. Another thing, I can give you the suggestion but you have to take your own decision.

Create Custom Filter in Twig Inside Slim Framework

As we know twig is the most powerful, fastest, secured, modern templating engine. It comes with a lot’s of built-in features like block, extends, import, filter etc (see the reference docs). Also, it has the option to add the custom filter based on your need. So the developers can create their own filter based on their needed. This article will help you to do that. Here I am using Twig with Slim framework (version 3.X).

Create Custom Filter in Twig

An example Custom Filter:


From the above snippet, you can see a filter is created called ‘twig_custom_filter‘ and then added that into the twig environment.  To use this filter into view just call it. (e.g. {{some_variable | twig_custom_filter}})


Getting Website’s Network Information in PHP

Sometimes we need to know website’s network information while we developing an application. Here I have included a code snippet for getting network information of a website (domain).


You can use this snippet for getting network information of a website.