Train your engineering workforce for using Cloud services

Everybody is talking about Cloud. Cloud and Cloud. Major tech giants are very busy for their Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) services including Google, Amazon, Azure, IBM and so on. There are lots of player are playing this game to takeover cloud market share. According to Right Scale blog post about their survey,

68 percent of enterprises run less than a fifth of their application portfolios in the cloud. 55 percent of enterprises report that a significant portion of their existing application portfolios are not in cloud, but are built with cloud-friendly architectures. It’s amazing. Everybody is preparing for Cloud

– Right Scale Blog

So why not you. As the cloud service market will grow with competition consumer will be much benefited. It’s simple calculation. Recently I monitored AWS, Google Cloud monthly update for their Cloud service. And I realized that every month most of the cloud service provider are releasing on avg. 10-15 new products and continuously improving their existing products. That’s a very good sign that they are expecting more people to go for cloud.


As much as I read about cloud I am feeling amazing as an engineering perspective. If we go few years back, as a software engineer always it was a hassle to deploy service for public, managing theme, upgrading them, automate the workflow. But now cloud made all those things so much easier even I can save my 40-50 hours after every project my team finish and I can become a more worry-less person than ever before. At Preview Technologies HQ, we officially announced that “we are going cloud and we are preparing resources for our existing customers also to become cloud friendly”. 50% of our engineering workforce are now getting training about cloud services and we are encouraging them about the necessity of going cloud.


Our business is heavily web application development service based and most of our clients are business institutions. So it’s not easy to bring all of them on board but we are trying and after our engineering team training we are planning to run massive campaign for our business clients about cloud. We never preferred any specific cloud service provider but also we start providing our clients to chose their best cloud providers and we can work with them. Currently most of our clients can choose between Google Cloud, AWS. As we go further, this list will be extended. All software and technology companies should start train their engineering workforce to practice cloud service and if they start doing that from right now, they must be benefited in near future cause clients are also becoming more smarter than before. They want cloud. Some clients are obsessed with this word CLOUD. So if you have a business or you are a leader among your engineering team, it’s time to be trained up and getting ready for cloud.


Using custom domain to Google App Engine with custom routing

Adding custom domain to Google App Engine is pretty straight-forward and easy to implement.

But there are some complexities around it when you want to point your custom domain or sub-domain to any specific service or module in Google App Engine. In your Google Cloud project you can have multiple App Engine service. By default your first app engine app will be considered as “default” service. Rest of the apps must need to be on another service or module. So the main use case scenario is, suppose you have a sub-domain “” and you want to point that in your App Engine’s “office-api” service.

Then you can’t do that because if you point your “” to Google App Engine then you can’t use that domain for your other purposes. Google will use that domain to point all services, default, custom, etc..

But if you want to use your primary business domain inside App Engine like your domain then what you will do. You have hosted your website in this domain in another server, you have another services hosted on that domain. But for better personalized sub-domain you want to use that same doamain’s sub-domain in Google App Engine.

Here is the steps about how you can configure your sub-domain directly pointed to any specific service.

You need to add your custom domain to Google App Engine from App Engine -> Settings -> Custom Domain.


Now you need to add your custom domain and need to verify your domain name. Google has a very easy way with instruction to do that. Now from your domain registrar, you need to just change your CNAME pointed to domain. Only CNAME, cause you are using this domain for your other services. Only this specific sub-domain will be used in Google App Engine.

After doing that you are done! Now google has it’s own routing policy to route your application based on but you want to customized that in your way. And you can do that by command line python tools. You can learn that directly from . Now in your dispatch file write the following configuration.

  - url: "*"
    module: office-api

And upload this dispatch file with the command line utilities. Documentations are available Now you have your official homepage hosted on and is pointed to Google App Engine custom services. Now browse your url and you will see your application. Thanks.

We are upgrading our servers. Small downtime you may face

All Preview Technologies Limited customers who is running their business on our hosting platform can face some technical problem with their website.

We are performing a very urgent upgrading on our server platform and we want to make our environment more secured for your business. This upgrading operation will take more few hours. We will update you about the details info when it will be finished. Our server engineers are working on that.
Sorry for this inconvenience. Bookmark this page to see the update.

Server Admin

How to start writing Bangla by using Bijoy 2003 Software

Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software (PIC-1)

It’s very easy to type Bengali font in your computer’s word processing program like Microsoft Word etc..

Please follow the following steps to write in Bengali by using Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software:

1. Install Bijoy 2003 software, you can use any older or newer version in your PC.

2. In your PC’s right down corner you will see according to PIC-2.
Bijoy 2003 Icon (PIC-2)
3. And then open your MS Word and press ctrl+alt+B and then this red circle icon will be changed. And then from the menu of MS Word change the font and select any bangla font like sutonny, etc….

And start writing according to the following image.
If you face any kinds of problem please leave comments and I will make that clear.

The end of Google Authorship markup

Google Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search. To improve search result display let you use another markup type called ‘People’. By using this ‘People’ type markup you can structure your data which can be easily understood by all the major search engines. Let’s assume you have the following html code.

G. M. Shaharia Azam
Founder, Preview Technologies Limited
Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Now you can structure it with People item type. Like the following

G. M. Shaharia Azam
Founder, Preview Technologies Limited


At at last you can be appeared in search engine result page (SERP) like the following image. Example of Google People markup data