Save Submitted Messages in Contact Form 7 with Flamingo

Why You Might Want to save the messages?

In my opinion, the one major downside to using contact form 7 is that it sends all submissions to email addresses by default and does not store the messages within WordPress. I want the messages sent via contact form 7 to be stored within WordPres. So I can easily access them and I don’t have to worry about email breaking down. Another benefit here is, you don’t have to share email credentials with your staffs to make them able to access the email.(You might also accomplish this by sending email from CF7 to multiple email address simultaneously but this will use up your valuable disk space). Finally, storing contact mail on database gives easy to import feature for a wide range of format.

Fortunately, the developer has created a separate plug-in called Flamingo that can be integrated automatically with contact form 7 and collects all inbound messages.


Use Flamingo on WordPress

Go to Plugins > Add New, then search for Flamingo and install the Flamingo Plugin in your website. Once activated, Flamingo will appear on my admin main menu directly above contact. Now you can see that Flamingo provides two things, address book, and inbound messages.

Flamingo is actually a very rudimentary CRM system, that stores information on the people who contact you in an address book and then link those people to the messages they send.

Jupiter Theme Review

Jupiter wordpress theme
Jupiter wordpress theme

Jupiter is a multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for all kind of websites. In this Jupiter theme review, we will take a look at its features and see how well suited it is for users.

About Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter WordPress theme is available on Themeforest marketplace. It is created by artbees, an independent digital agency specializing in cutting edge WordPress themes. Founded in 2008, the company has released three WordPress themes and 21 graphic design items so far.

Jupiter is their top selling WordPress theme. It has been purchased by more than 24,000 customers. It has been featured item of the week on Themeforest. Artbees the company has sold more than $1 Million worth of items on envato marketplace so far, making them an elite author.

We spot, track and then re-create best digital experiences across the web. We love and craft high-end design solutions, perfect user interfaces and seamless user experiences for a wide array of users.

-artbees team

Features of Jupiter Theme

Jupiter is a multi-purpose theme which means that it is well suited to be used on any kind of WordPress powered website. It comes with a wide-range of features to provide the flexibility and ease users would want to see from a premium WordPress theme. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of Jupiter theme.

Dozens of Custom Templates

Jupiter theme comes with the flexibility of dozens of pre-installed and ready to use templates. These templates are filed under 6 main categories which are business, creative, education, food, health, personal, and shop.

Users can simply choose a template from the category closer to their site and then apply that template with just a few clicks. Each of these templates feature a completely new design and layout, giving users a wide range of choices for their site’s design and look.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Jupiter theme comes with a built in drag and drop builder. Simply select and drag elements on canvas and drop them anywhere. This provides users immense power to create their own layouts for their pages. It also makes customization easier and extremely flexible. Jupiter comes with the latest Visual Composer which is one of the best WordPress drag and drop page builder in the market.

100+ Shortcodes

Shortcodes provide an easier way to add items in your WordPress site. Most WordPress themes with dozens of shortcodes, but Jupiter takes it to a new level with 100+ shortcodes that you can use right out of the box. Most shortcodes are flexible with their own customization options that you can access from the shortcode generator.

Miscellaneous Features

As an innovative modern WordPress theme, Jupiter brings endless possibilities to become a reality. There are many more features that you can use with this wonderful theme.

  • 7 Blog styles
  • 14 Custom widgets
  • 10 Custom post types
  • 1600+ Icons
  • Adobe Typekit Integration
  • Full page scroll slideshows
  • Translation ready with RTL support
  • WPML compatible
  • Fully mobile responsive

Documentation and Support

Whether you are a beginner WordPress user or an advanced expert, everyone needs help now and then. This is why it is so important to purchase a theme that comes with extensive documentation and support options. Jupiter comes with access to a documentation site with 100+ articles. The documentation takes care of explaining every single feature of the theme in easy to understand step by step instructions.

Jupiter also comes with a video tutorials library with more than 20 tutorials to help you get started. As a licensed user you will also get access to the theme’s premium support forum where you can get help from the developers.

Choosing the right WordPress Plugin

WordPress is now the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world.  It is not a wonder that WordPress is now used for so many purposes other than blogging. So, plugins have become a major part of WordPress now a day. For most of the website projects, you need to find out one or more plugins.

Sometimes, there are so many options available in front us. Here are some tips to find the best plugin for your need-

1. Read the description and documentation

First things you need to do is read the description very well, read the features list, go through the documentation. If available see the screenshots and even better view the demo. Thus, you know whether the plugin will meet your requirements or not.

2. Read the rating and reviews

Rating and reviews are a very good indicator of user experience. Sometimes, bad rating may be for other reason than you actually care for. So, it is always wise to also read the detailed review before ditching the plugin.

3. Compatibility and active installation number

Make sure the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress. Active installation number will show you the number of websites actually using the plugin. It is a better indicator than the downloads counter.

  4. Updates and supports

See when the plugin was last updated and also how frequently the plugin provides updates. If possible go through the changelog to know what kind of updates they actually provide updates. Look at the support portals to know they quality of support they provide.

5. Know the developer

Good plugin developers usually provide better quality plugins. So, take the developers reputation seriously. Reputed developer with many active plugins indicates the higher quality of the plugin code.


Disable Animation (animate.css) on Mobile Device

If you using any css animation library and which creates some problem (appearing scroll bar, bouncing element, etc) on the mobile display. Here I have shared a code snippet to disable animation on a mobile device. Add this codes in your stylesheet to overcome this issue.

Error: You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (merge_head exists)

Error: You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (merge_head exists)

Git a very useful version control system. While working on Git, you should face some problem that kills you few mins to study and solve. Sometimes we got this error message (Source Tree pull You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists)?) while we are working with any Git command. It’s a weird issue and sometimes very dangerous. Here I have shared very short tips to overcome this problem.

Why It happened?

It happened because your last pull failed to merge automatically and it became conflict state. And without fixing the conflict before next pull or push, you will see this error.

What’s the solutions?

To solve Error: You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (merge_head exists) problem, there is a simple solutions. Follow these steps –

  1. Undo the merge and again pull

    Run the following command to undo the merge.
    git merge --abort (since git version 1.7.4)
    git reset --merge (prior git version)

    error: you have not concluded your merge (merge_head exists).

  2. Resolve the conflict

    To resolve conflict using command line, you can follow this tutorial.

  3. Add & commit the merge

    To add run git add .
    and to commit run git commit -m "commit message"

  4. Pull again

    Now git pull should work without error. To pull again, run git pull

Hope, this will help you to solve your problem of error: you have not concluded your merge (merge_head exists). Please leave a comment for others if this solutions works or not! To see more git related tips & tricks click here.