The end of Google Authorship markup

Google Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search. To improve search result display let you use another markup type called ‘People’. By using this ‘People’ type markup you can structure your data which can be easily understood by all the major search engines. Let’s assume you have the following html code.

G. M. Shaharia Azam
Founder, Preview Technologies Limited
Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Now you can structure it with People item type. Like the following

G. M. Shaharia Azam
Founder, Preview Technologies Limited


At at last you can be appeared in search engine result page (SERP) like the following image. Example of Google People markup data

PhotoShop CC 2014


Photoshop is one of the most famous software from the Adobe family. There are too many version of Photoshop ware come from Adobe. Photoshop CC is the new version in 2014. There have some exceptional feature those will be helpful for us. This version is mainly focused on 3D printing and 3D enhancement.

This version comes with smarter smart guide, smart objects and updatable layer comps. It also included instant searchable fonts menu, new motion blur filter and 3D effects and others. It has also new auto focus mask tools that work much well then the previous version. Whatever, now we are going to discuss some simple discussion About Photoshop CC for 3D works. At the previous version of

Photoshop we works in 3D but using this version we can do it more accurate. For 3D printing this version is so much Comfortable. As like as by using Pack object on the ground Plane we can arrange multiple objects easily on the same Build plate.

Using this version now we can disable the ray trace preview From the 3D print setting dialog. Ray trace is now more Accurate to represent the output of Focused Deposition Modeling.

Photoshop CC supports the Makerbot fifth generation printer that can gives us more effective 3D output. But remember one thing, this printer can’t print directly. We have export our file using USB stick and print. Good news for the user of Japan cause they can get DMM.COM 3D printing service from this version.

This version of Photoshop supports all the new formats of files like VRML, IGES, U3D, PLY and others. Now hope 3D works will be easier for us and much more attractive.

How to start freelancing from Bangladesh

Most of the people in Bangladesh are facing the unemployment problem. But who are aware about their career and who are not aware about their career this post is basically for them. I am now introducing the ‘Freelancing’ profession for Bangladeshi.

I will describe ‘How to start Freelancing from Bangladesh’. Freelancing is a great way to earn and learn with various kinds of practical projects. Freelancing profession is fully an independent profession for them who want to work with flexibility. ‘Freelancing’ profession helps you in various ways such as-

  • Flexible
  • Own Time Scheduling
  • Practice Global Professionalism
  • Global network
  • Easily Get Paid
  • No Huge Investment
  • Your Home is Your Office
  • Anytime you can do work and get paid
  • No Boss and No Pressure
  • Multiple Task done easily
  • Build a strong professional community
  • Gather experience from various kinds of projects
  • Get Inspired
  • Be recognized

So, freelancing professional is now being a good job or good profession for many people.? Let’s see how you can start freelancing from Bangladesh.

There are many companies are making the community or network for Freelancer and Buyer such as Freelancer (Formerly GetAFreelancer), oDesk, FreelancerZone etc..

You can go to their website and the ‘Find Job’ option you can find the job category and available jobs. First figure out their job category and try to see the job list 3 times in a day and read the job description then you can get a better idea about the job. Because some people love to work and they say that they are able to do any real life project. But working for thyself or working amateur types of work is not same with ‘Work for earning’ or professionalism. You should practice professionalism.

Read the job description, read the freelancing site’s blog or forum and know how to write cover letter, business proposal letter, how to build a strong relationship with your buyers and how to communicate with them. These are all for starting to think you as a freelancer.

I will write a series of article in my website and I suggest you to read this. Also keep visiting my website and I will try to give you some update for starting your freelancing job.

Welcome to our Blog

Preview Technologies Limited is a leading web development company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Preview Technologies is a multi-technology practitioner which has multiple prospective mission and vision to develop the industry by providing smartest web solution to it’s customers. Preview Technologies Limited has a legal entity in Bangladesh and USA and it is doing it’s business since 2010 with great quality services to it’s clients.

Our mission is to build a hassle free corporate, business and personal life through the modern web technology. Also our mission bears the large responsibilities to make industry more digitalized through the modern web and information technology.

Vision of Preview Technologies Limited is to become the innovator of innovation. Our vision is to become the ideal leader through our creative, modern and innovative services and innovations.

As we are a web solution providing company any kinds of person, company, organization who need any one of our services for pursuing their personal, business and organizational goals are our customers.

Preview Technologies Limited is registered under the company act (XVIII) by the government of the peoples republic of Bangladesh. We have been registered from Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock companies and Firms. Our registration number is C-129651/2016

Google Apps for Business and our collaboration


Last week, Preview ICT touched it’s another milestone that is directly not related to customer service or product development. But it’s more than that. Our entire team believes in TRUE collaboration during the period of developing awesome products. To make it more beautified and show more awesomeness our entire teams has started using Google Apps for business features where we are collaborating with each other anytime, anywhere and from any device. As we always care about collaboration, now we are one step more ahead with this.

We are using our business email from Google, storing files and sharing files on the cloud, instant and smooth face to face talk between employees, project managers and even clients. We are making presentations of our products for customers from Google Slides. All Previewers are using calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, etc. As like as Whirphool, US Army, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, World Bank, The Discovery, HubSpot, Kaplan, D-Link we are now a part of Google Apps client list. We got proved that it’s encouraging our teams, our staffs more better than previous and everybody always ready to show more awesomeness in their work.