What you need before publishing a website?

Over thousands websites are being published everyday from all around the world. Definition and requirements of a website has been changed over the time. From my experience in this industry I can clearly draw that pictures. A modern websites requires few important stuff that now every webmasters should follow. Time has changed and there has been a tremendous difference in website development that it was 5-8 years ago. At a time in past, business management personnel weren’t interested to develop website for their business because they couldn’t measure the value and didn’t understand the importance of having a website for their business. But now every business needs a website for their online audience and more and more people coming online, searching online.

Getting website ready is very easy & cheap now. You can have a website in less that $30 or even less than that. But as a owner of that website or as a webmaster of that website you should think some important factors before making that website public. I have tried to make a list of those important tasks needs to be considered before publishing a website.

1. Optimize for Speed

Website speed and performance is a very important factor for your online audience, search engine. Your competitors may already realized that and you should too. When a website will be ready to publish. Make sure that your site speed is good and awesome.

You can check about your site speed from Google Page Speed tools, Pingdom and other websites to check website speed.

2. Analytics & Tracking

Another important feature for a website is to track users for analytical purpose. You need to know what visitors are doing in your website, what they are reading, where they are spending most of their time, from which page they are leaving your website, their demographic, etc. You have a website but is your website really helping your business? To understand this and take business decision you need data & analytical reports.

For tracking and analytics you can use Google Analytics. Also remember, sometimes to add a new tracking script you need to ask help from your developer every time to change the website. In this case I will advise you to install Google Tag Manager so after publishing website you can be able to push other tracking and third party scripts in your website without touching to the code. It’s awesome.

3. Adding site on Google Search Console

You have a website and it’s published. So you need to see how your site is performing on search engine. Which keyword is triggering your website to display in Google search engine, which position, how frequently Google is crawling your site. So you need to verify your domain property in Google Search Console. So you can track your site’s performance on Google platform.

4. Google My Business Integration

If you have a physical business location it’s now an important factors to create your business account on Google My Business and add your website there. Trust me, it should be a high priority. Your website might get lots of traffic and you will get a lots of brand exposure in your location.

5. Structured Snippet

Google search is now smart enough and it can now display search result in a more interactive way. To help Google to display your information in that fashion, you need to add and configure structured snippets on your website so Google can understand more clearly about every piece of information on your website.

It’s easy to implement. Read the guide to implement structured snippets from Google documentation.

6. Re-marketing list creation

If you have a plan in future to run ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You have to prepare from now. If you want to show ads to the people who already visited your website in past, then you need to build your website’s re-marketing list. For Google ads platform you can build re-marketing audience from Google analytics. For Facebook ad platform, you can implement Facebook pixel tracking to achieve that. Every ad platform has their own audience builder tracking script.

That’s it for now. I will keep adding more items as we need to add it. You can also write new items in comment below. Remember one last thing, a website is not just a design with couple of pages but it requires other important components based on your business and depends on how you want to make your website useful. Design of a website is just organizing content, focus on post designing plan and operating website that effective. It’s easy to design an interactive website, but it’s not easy to make it work for your business.