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Preview Technologies Limited is a leading web development company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Preview Technologies is a multi-technology practitioner which has multiple prospective mission and vision to develop the industry by providing smartest web solution to it’s customers. Preview Technologies Limited has a legal entity in Bangladesh and USA and it is doing it’s business since 2010 with great quality services to it’s clients.

Our mission is to build a hassle free corporate, business and personal life through the modern web technology. Also our mission bears the large responsibilities to make industry more digitalized through the modern web and information technology.

Vision of Preview Technologies Limited is to become the innovator of innovation. Our vision is to become the ideal leader through our creative, modern and innovative services and innovations.

As we are a web solution providing company any kinds of person, company, organization who need any one of our services for pursuing their personal, business and organizational goals are our customers.

Preview Technologies Limited is registered under the company act (XVIII) by the government of the peoples republic of Bangladesh. We have been registered from Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock companies and Firms. Our registration number is C-129651/2016

Google Apps for Business and our collaboration


Last week, Preview ICT touched it’s another milestone that is directly not related to customer service or product development. But it’s more than that. Our entire team believes in TRUE collaboration during the period of developing awesome products. To make it more beautified and show more awesomeness our entire teams has started using Google Apps for business features where we are collaborating with each other anytime, anywhere and from any device. As we always care about collaboration, now we are one step more ahead with this.

We are using our business email from Google, storing files and sharing files on the cloud, instant and smooth face to face talk between employees, project managers and even clients. We are making presentations of our products for customers from Google Slides. All Previewers are using calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, etc. As like as Whirphool, US Army, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, World Bank, The Discovery, HubSpot, Kaplan, D-Link we are now a part of Google Apps client list. We got proved that it’s encouraging our teams, our staffs more better than previous and everybody always ready to show more awesomeness in their work.