Opening business in USA from Bangladesh

Regularly people asked about to open a business in USA from Bangladesh as a Bangladeshi. They have their different reasons. Someone want to get a business verified paypal account, someone want to run a dropshipping business from Bangladesh and want to take payment online, someone want to run some service to foreign people and someone want to gain more trust by registering a company in USA. Even sometimes people love to have a LLC or INC legal business name in United States of America. People come to us to get various types of IT service they run and want to run inside Bangladesh or outside Bangladesh, then at a step they ask if there is any opportunity to register a legal business entity in US.

We are operating our US operations under Preview Technologies LLC, a Delaware based corporation


Honestly and surely in most cases, YES you can register a LLC or INC company in US from Bangladesh as a Bangladeshi. You don’t need to go to USA or don’t need to be an american citizen. Legally it’s possible in United States to open a business by any foreign nationals. To register a company in USA, you have to go through some facts. Most importantly you have to remember that opening a business in US will not help you to live or go to US or obtaining a Visa, if you wonder. So let’s check it out about what types of things you need to know and check to open a business in US from Bangladesh as a Bangladeshi.

A. Study on the web
You will find plenty of article online about to get the ideas and checklists to start a business in US without going there. You can read the following articles that may help –
– Search Google with “Register a company in US by foreigner

B. Choose a name
You need to choose a name for your business. You can search a unique name from and get an unique name

C. Find state where your company will be registered
In US, every state has different law. You have to decide where you want to be legally registered. I prefer Delaware because of their flexible corporate law. Most people prefer Delaware to register their company. Our business “Preview Technologies LLC” is also registered in Delaware state.

D. Find a legal consultant individual or a company
There is a catch on this point. If you are not in the United States, then to open a company you must have to assign a registered agent from inside US. So to find that registered agent, there are lots of law firm across US who will provide you that service and they will work with you closely to register a business there.
They will do everything for you. I can provide some law firm here who provide all service to register your company in US from Bangladesh. They have package services.

Take their package solutions that will include company registration, virtual office address, virtual mailbox to receive letters & correspondents for your business, EIN registration. Most of them will provide all of them as a package

That’s it. When you will work with those law firm, you need to chose their packages. You can contact with them, call them, discuss about what they will do from A to Z. Pay their fees and you will get your registered LLC or INC company in US within couple hours to days (2-3 business days)

And when you will get your EIN (employer identification number), you can be able to register for paypal business account.

Preview Technologies Limited is a Bangladeshi registered private limited company and it’s running it’s US operation under Preview Technologies LLC, a Delaware based registered business entity. If you need any further advise regarding this matter, please write me at or write a comment in this post. I will be happy to assist with proper guidance.